We are Vulkana

The hosts will greet you, guide you to all the facilities on board and answer all your questions, the captain makes sure we travel safely and find our way out to sea and back, the chef makes the delicious meals, together we make sure your visit on Vulkana is a lifetime memory.



(+47) 911 00 626

Karoline is from Ballangen, near Harstad. Our energetic manager has worked in the restaurant business for a number of years before joining our team. In her spare time, she runs marathons and can be found exploring the nature around Tromsø on foot, on a pair of skis or on the back of a horse! Karoline mission is to make sure the rest of the world discovers the coolest town in the land of northern lights, midnight sun, soaring mountains and spectacular fjords. Karoline is running the business on Vulkana: handling sales, booking, marketing and product development, and she is often part of the crew that greets you on board.


Head chef
(+47) 911 00 626

Johanna is originally from Finland. She started working in the kitchen at fifteen, has learned from the best and worked her way up to Michelin-rated restaurants in Gothenburg, Sweden. Johanna is a passionate diver who loves exploring the crystal clear waters around Tromsø with her friends. Johanna is responsible for creating the fantastic meals you will experience on Vulkana. She has created the Vulkana signature dishes and our various menus. Johanna loves combining local traditions and produce with inspiration from the entire world, and is always making sure that our meals are fresh, tasty and made with love for food and people.


(+47) 911 00 626

Felix is originally from Gothenburg, Sweden. He is an electrician by profession, but felt like he wanted to try something new He loves the sea and likes spending time on boats or under the surface, diving and exploring the underwater world. For him Vulkana was a perfect choice to keep exploring in northern Norway.

Felix is one of our excellent hosts, he serves beverages and helps the chef during the meals, he makes the fires in the sauna and the hot-tub, and is an brilliant bartender whenever our guests want a drink. Felix is also spending a lot of time taking care of Vulkana, making little and big repairs and maintenance jobs to make sure this old lady stays in shape and gets the love she deserves.

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