Spa and wellness

Spa facilities

Our spa and wellness facilities are inspired by bathing and sauna cultures in Finland, Turkey and Japan. The Arctic Spa experience takes you from the hot-tub to the sauna and the steam room and is obviously completed by a dive and a swim in the arctic water!

Saltwater Hot Tub

Our hot tub is the perfect place to start your Vulkana Spa Experience. The big wooden tub is placed on deck, is filled with fresh seawater and heated by wood fire to temperatures between 39 °C and 41 °C. 

The tub takes 6-8 people and is the ultimate place to enjoy a cold beverage and watch the stunning arctic scenery passing by. On cold days, we recommend a hat to keep the head warm. For a have home made salt scrubs available for guests who wish to try a full body arctic skin peel before they enter the tub!

The Vulkana spa experience is completed by a dip in the crystal clear and refreshingly cold arctic water: you can jump from the deck, use the bathing ladder or go for a plunge from the seven meter diving tower!

Finnish Sauna

The sauna on board is a traditional Finnish wood fired sauna. It has a big window providing great views on the landscape and ocean. The sauna is heated by a metal stove (kiuas) fired with birch wood. The top of the stove is covered with a thick layer of natural stones, which radiate the heat to the room.

Humidity is regulated by small doses of water ladled repeatedly onto the kiuas stones. The resulting vapour, rising from the stones, is called löyly. The temperature varies between 70 and 100 °C.

A traditional Finnish sauna session consists of a cycle of warming up and cooling off. We recommend at least three cycles: you warm up, sweat, inhale the vapour, leave the sauna to cool off in the fresh air on deck or by a dip in the ocean, before returning to the heat of the sauna.

A Vulkana sauna session can last from a couple of hours to an entire evening and is an intense experience of cleansing and relaxation for body and mind.

Turkish Steam Bath

Beneath deck you find our Hammam, a turkish inspired steam room. The marble tiled room is heated by large amounts of high-temperature steam and has a small cold water plunge pool. The temperature varies from 45°C to 65 °C.

The heat and humidity of the steam room reduces muscle tension, improves circulation, cleanses the skin and promotes relaxation and general well-being.

The Hammam is the perfect place for quiet relaxation and meditation, and we recommend it as the last stage of a spa session.

Zen Lounge

In what used to be the storage and cargo room we have created a Japanese inspired lounge. The room has heated concrete floor, an open fireplace, walls and seating of solid dark wood, and natural light from the glass ceiling. The lounge is a perfect place to unwind, meditate and relax after a spa session, or a long day of outdoor activities and adventure.

The crew

The Vulkana crew is a great mix of locals and people who have come from all over the world to live and work in Tromsø. We share the passion for our arctic region, for the stunning and raw nature that surrounds us and for this crazy boat which is the ultimate way to experience it all. We look forward to welcoming you on board!

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