In Arctic spa, Vulkana Winter

12:30-15:00 Tuesday-Sunday

Arctic spa with lunch

An afternoon of fun and wellbeing on board Vulkana. Enjoy the hot-tub, the sauna and the steam room and complete your arctic spa experience with a jump in the fresh sea water!

Our spa host welcomes you on board and serves a hot ginger tea in the lounge. You are introduced to the wellness facilities on board and given instructions for a traditional bath and sauna session.

The Saltwater Hot Tub on deck, the Finnish Sauna with a panoramic window as well as the Turkish inspired steam bath/hamam under deck is at your disposal. In accordance with traditional sauna rituals, we recommend at least three cycles of warming up and cooling off. Our hosts are happy to assist the guests who wish to make the most of their arctic spa experience and do the cooling off by a quick dip/dive in the Arctic waters!

The boat stays moored by the pier in Tromsø, ensuring calm waters and tranquility during your stay on board. There are a maximum of fourteen guests in each lunch group, to make sure we can give each guest personal service and attention.

When your spa session is completed, all guests gather around our the table for lunch. All Vulkana meals are freshly prepared dishes based on local produce and served by our host and chef. (Vegan and vegetarian meals available on request. Please ask onboard for the full list of contents of the different parts of the meal.)

Welcome on board!

Price per person

895,- NOK

Price includes:

  • Full Arctic Spa Experience
  • Finish Sauna
  • Saltwater hot tub
  • Hamam/turkish steam bath
  • Towel and flip-flops
  • Lunch buffet
  • Coffee, tea & snacks
  • (Other beverages are available for purchase on board.)

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