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About MS Vulkana

About MS Vulkana

MS Vulkana

The Vulkana was built in 1957, designed for seasonal fishing. During the summer she fished for herring, while in the winter drift nets were laid for cod and pollock. In spring she hunted whale around Spitzbergen.

I 2009 redesignet arkitekten Sami Rintala fartøyet omhyggelig ved å utnytte hennes tradisjonelle form.

Der det en gang ble lagret 60 tonn torsk, er det nå en japansk inspirert Zen Lounge og en tyrkisk hamam. Hoveddekket har en vedfyrt badstue og en restaurant med plass til opptil 12.

A viewing deck and a hot tub are available on deck. When MS Vulkana is by the dock you can enjoy our spa .

Find a suitable time for you and your friends to indulge in our Northen piece of heaven

From whaling vessel to arctic spa

Vulkana was built in 1957. In the North Sea she fished for sprat, herring and mackerel, in Lofoten she fished for cod and pollock. In the summer she operated whaling around Bjørnøya and at the ice edge north of Svalbard.

In 2007, the ship was laid up for scrapping at Senja. We decided to save the condemned boat. The boat builder Gunnar Eldjarn rated it as a good boat. Former skippers as well. In collaboration with architect Sami Rintala, Vulkana was created. Important form-wise qualities of the old ship were safeguarded, at the same time that new functions were to be facilitated. Over time, Vulkana took shape as an experience company that can accommodate guest groups of up to 12 people on shorter and longer trips in the archipelago of Troms and Nordland.

We organize ski trips in Lyngen or tours with artists. With us you can celebrate life’s big and small important moments. This year, Vulkana was nominated for “Traveller’s Choice”, which means that we are among the 10% best attractions in the world!

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